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  1. Great food for thought, as we are a “Church” that thinks! If I may humbly add an appetizer to the food for thought of “Greater works” – Prayfully consider “Church”, that the “Greater works” is not so much in His “acts” in miracles/wonders of what Christ did, who can do greater? The “greater works” is in the “scope” – in levels of how the “Church” will reach and impact the world…systems. The children of Israel knew God’s acts – Moses knew God’s “ways”. The book of ACTS are acts of the apostles – The “Church” has to begin to consider “greater ways” as the Spirit of the Lord leads. Psalm 103:7-13 Let’s go Church!

  2. Thank you Mena.

    You are on to something here. When I read the Gospel of John, it seems to be a recurring theme.

    Jesus “works” He did was not on/from His own authority. Jesus only thought what the Father wanted Him to think, only said what the Father wanted Him to say, and only did what the Father wanted Him to do.

    And Jesus asks us to show honour to Him likewise… We are to only think, say, and do what Jesus wants us to think, say, and do.

    By doing such, we are one with Jesus and with the Father. And Jesus gave us His Spirit to enable us to follow Him in these ways, it’s only by the Spirit’s power working in our hearts.

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