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Knowing Who You Are in Christ — 5 Comments

  1. Thnx god love us.we will gloryfy him

    .may God bless me touch me heal me .this message is so powerful in the name of Jesus Christ
    Pls give me prophecy and my direction

  2. I really love this word. So often I have allowed myself to be bowed down and preoccupied by thoughts that can leave me powerless- or certainly feeling so. I was only reminded last night of Matthew 11 verse 28 where our Lord Jesus Christ teaches us – “Come to Me all you are heavy laden and I will give you rest.” I feel the emphasis is upon the “heavy laden” ! How often do we allow ourselves to carry heavy loads – when all we need do is come before the Lord and begin to off load them. Thank you for posting this Thomas.

    • Especially at what is happening in the world. I love Thomas, his tender heart, his encouraging words of wisdom. God bless everyone. Stay strong in the Lord, and the power of HIS might.

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