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  1. Well said God’s vessel Bev. Our God is a loving Father who has all our details(weakness, strength, plans, hurts etc) Yes, most times God gives us tasks/instructions that humanly speaking may look stupid or nonsense(eg Naaman, Father Abraham, Moses instructions etc), which we must comply & we will be glad we did. Thank God you obeyed Abba Father whose reward is with Him. Agreed, we must go back & learn from the cloud of witnesses who have gone ahead of us; why some succeeded & others failed even with the same source of gifts. This will help us avoid deadly mistakes in our assignments. Again, the anointing is freely available but we must be cautious & ever ready to let the Holy spirit lead us while we follow sheepishly. No need apologising please for late reply as i knew you were busy. Thanks for the love and teaching

    • Peter,

      Revivals cause everyone involved to be busy that’s why it’s important that Holy Spirit is leading & not man. 

      If Holy Spirit is leading & you are listening & obedient to Him, then He will protect you & keep you & you will have what it takes to overcome any challenges.

      Thanks so much for responding Peter! Good to hear from you!

      BLESSINGS! Bev

  2. Agreed, we need to back to learn more on the supernatural powers of the Holy Spirit on the early church, God’s generals (both dead & alive). I got more information on the physical manifestations of the Holy Spirit as further dug into by Martyn Lloyd-Jones & John Wimber from the links provided. I think a common misconception by many of us is that the Revival fire will settle on the entire Church congregations, areas etc. However, i strongly do believe the revival fire is already here & falling on individuals of some churches, families etc. Lastly, those who always question the physical manifestations of the Holy Spirit need to read the articles you have attached. They should also download for free “The Supernaturalral Occurrences of John Wesley (especially CHAPTER 7 titled: JOHN WESLEY’s EXPERIENCE WITH UNUSUAL MANIFESTATIONS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT”) to clear their doubts. Thanks & God bless you with more anointing, Dear Bev.

    • Adams,

      It’s so important for us to learn the lessons from past revivals, so we can move forward & not make the same mistakes.

      God wants to teach us so much, but we have to be willing to be willing to do whatever He tells us to do without questions. JUST DO IT.

      I LOVED when John & Carol Arnott would ask why or what was the purpose of doing what the people were doing ?  They willingly responded from the heart of GOD & it didnt matter if they looked foolish. What mattered was being obedient to GOD.

      We have to learn to JUST DO WHATEVER HE asks of us without questions. Sometimes what Hes asking is beyond our comprehension.

      One time for me it was about 5 years & He reminded me what I’d done & then told me why. But at the time I did it, I didnt have the experience to understand everything, but He knew I could do it anyway & I did. When He finally explained it to me, then I understood why He hadnt told me earlier. He was right about everything. He always is. But we have to learn to TRUST HIM, regardless if we understand. JUST BE OBEDIENT to HIM.

      I apologize for not responding quickly the last 2 times. It’s there now, if you want to check it. Just too busy!

      BLESSINGS! Bev

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