Physical Manifestations of the Holy Spirit — 5 Comments

  1. Your work is bringing a light to those wonderers as if we see the light at the end of the tunnel.
    Thank you
    Many blessings to you

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      당신은 다시 단어에게 그것을 할 ​​수 있을까요?
      당신은 누구를 만났 니? “이스라엘 마사다에서”는 누구입니까?
      그리스도의 축복,

  2. You seem to confuse “Physical Manifestations of the Holy Spirit” to the physical evidence of the presence of God. If we take the verses you used to support your title and read with discernment you realize most have absolutely nothing to do with the manifestation of the Holy Spirit. Before you get all upset about my response let me say, I only do this in good faith to “rightly divide the word of TRUTH.”
    In Ex.19, the physical presence of the King was lightning, thunder, fire, smoke and earthquake, or the temple shaking and curtains ripped in two when Christ died, NOT the human body shaking, vibrating,etc
    Isaiah 66, trembling, shaking and weeping exhibits a contrite human spirit, NOT the Holy Spirit. When a person sins(which is an abomination to God) and is convicted,broken and submits to God’s power is NOT the Holy Spirit manifesting, it is a human spirit broken.
    John 18; When the soldiers fell, it was NOT manifesting of the Holy Spirit. The soldiers were sinners who did not know the Lord, they fell because of the FEAR of the glory of the Father upon Christ. All the “fallings” in the Bible before the King is more prostrate in nature; out of respect and fear in awe of His glory, NOT the manifestation of the Holy Spirit. People bow or prostrate in the presence of a higher power, NOT because the Holy Spirit is manifesting.
    A “trance” or vision is when the spirit of a man is engaged spiritually such that they are disconnected from their flesh, NOT the Holy Spirit trying to manifest Himself in the person. If anything, He is rather talking or showing the person something in the spirit.
    Like you rightly said, demons will rather throw a person down, convulse, shake or put up a fight before leaving a possessed body. That is why we must be careful.
    The state of “drunkenness” by Hannah or Acts of the apostles is a state of bodily overwhelm, exhaustion or fatigue due to spiritual travailing NOT the Holy Spirit Manifesting Himself. Just like Christ’s last hours in the garden praying or travailing.
    We could go on and on and on, but in summary: God’s physical presence has been fire, wind, thunder, lightning, loud voice, still voice, water, smoke, dove, trumpet sound for all to see NOT in an individual, canal body, in ONLY one person.  Paul says he will not have us being ignorant of the spiritual (1 Cor. 12), for the manifestation of the Holy Spirit is given to every man to profit withal (v.7) i.e. Wisdom, Healing, Discernment, Tongues, etc. So when a person shows wisdom not of this world, or lay hands and the sick is heal, etc they are manifesting the physical presence of the Holy One.
    I leave the rest to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. And may all who read beseech the Lord for the revelation to redeem their souls.
    We should not use “signs and wonders” as a litmus test for the presence of the King but as a “confirmation” of His saving grace and mercy on us. Because, He WILLS when He WANTS not by our desires.

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