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Let the People Weep and Cry Out to God! — 2 Comments

  1. Sister, I always get confirmations by your articles. By others I always get warnings to avoid reading articles, for they immediately or sometimes a little while later after they got a helpful message, they start to spread bitterness or they try to cause split. They immediately shoot back when a proven brother or sister shares what GOD gives in careful written admonishments. This is a disease. No more humility, no more thankfulness. No correcture is wanted. 2. Timothy 3 at it`s full outcome.
    Today I read about the California fires, the train derailment near “DuPont” and all the hidden, but obvious signs of the “elites”. The horrible storms Irma and Harvey, Jose and Maria (what a coincidence in these very last days…), the floods in TX, the staged shootings in Las Vegas. The writing on the walls are clear. Saints – wake up !

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