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Lets Go Back to the Rose Garden — 7 Comments

  1. The Lord had me go back to a vision I had on June 19, 2018, in which I was in heaven and heard a voice come from the sereph standing left of the Father on His throne. The sereph spoke with a voice that boomed out to all the hosts standing before God’s throne: “Worship Him! Fall down before Him and give Him praise, glory, honor and majesty, for He has done valiantly and mightily! And His work is not finished. He is about to move! His Spirit will go forth! He will rise up out of His habitation! And He will go forth among the heathen. And He will be glorified! And you will see it, and you will behold it! You will see it with your eyes! For He us going to do a work with His Beloved! And they will turn to Him!”
    Then I heard the Father speak directly through this same sereph, “Many across this world shall be touched by My Spirit. For My Spirit shall move upon them and they shall cry out to Me and I will answer them. A great darkness is about to come upon the earth. And I am going to bring forth a light to dispel that darkness, a light that will shine from the highest to the lowest and from the depths and to the farthest reaches of this planet! My glory shall go forth, My glory – the honor of My Name! And you will see it! And My people will rejoice, for I am about to move upon My people!”
    I then saw and heard a great praise rise up from the hosts of heaven as billions worshiped before God Almighty.
    I believe this word is very close to being fulfilled! Praise be to our God Almighty!

  2. Thank you, Veronica.  You are an inspiration to many.  Praise God for your prophetic voice..  This morning during my prayer time I cried out to the Lord to vindicate the prophets.  The Holy Spirit interceded as only He can.  I am anxiously awaiting resurrection, new growth and blooming in the Rose Garden of Triumph.  Weeping may last for the night, but joy comes in the morning.  God bless you. 
    On another note, yesterday, along with many others, I could not pull up your Facebook page.  I haven’t checked this morning.

  3. Indeed, the article inserted brought tears to my eyes. Dogs in the garden. Ready for the blossoms while loving the Rose of Sharon.  Thank you for posting.

  4. Veronika – we are so grateful for your prophetic posts.  You have encouraged our family.  We read the Joker and the Sky is falling posts to our two boys so your posts bring God voice into our family in a way that we never looked for before.  I would say this election has awakened us to take a more active role in our faith.  As a result we are searching for additional ways to feed our soul and that is how we discovered you.  We just want you to know the impact you are having in the Kingdom of God.  You are a light to the world.  God Bless Sal Garcia

  5. The belief is stronger each day that God is working HIS way and WE are on our way to seeing it in all his glory.
    So glad to see your reference back to the Rose Garden.  That had troubled me ~~~

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