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Let’s Go to Gethsemane! — 2 Comments

  1. My Lord God….what a word. Thank you from Your obedience to share. I will definitely go before the Lord in repentance and ask from this blessed privilege to SIT with Him a while.

    • Amen sister Sonda Rogers.. If there ever is a time we need to SIT at His feet, THAT TIME IS DEFINITELY NOW! Mary knew this, she couldn’t trade that place for religious and sentimental activities as did her elder sister Martha who got so busy with activities which were good but was not the NEEDED as spoken by the Lord..
      How barren and unfruitful our lives can be when we do not SIT with Him…
      The secret of the power being manifested in the lives of the apostle’s was not farfetched “THEY HAD BEEN WITH JESUS’ (ACTS 4:13)

      JESUS HELP US!!!!

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