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Listen Up! Your Destiny is Being Revealed! — 2 Comments

  1. O believe I have somewhat more knowledge in hearing God after reading your message. I teach and preach and also God said I am a dreamer with eyes all around my head but I did not understand. Some years ago I was out in an Apt complex witnessing and an older gentleman came up to me and asked, ” Who was Jacob’s wife?” Kind of not sure I begin to try n answer but within me I heard, “Leah!” And he smiled and said you’re right young man. But I haven’t experienced it no more but once. O got real sick eating some beef n gravy I brought in a can and a voice said, Don’t swallow no more of it.”
    In last march of this year, I was in a church that I was a mber of for 7 years, was ordained as a Pastor there in 2016. But I begun to feel strange of what was preached and taught to to ppl and I just felt out of place as if I was in a wrong place. Found out that God said It was Him. Bcuz of the wisdom and knowledge He gave me, He said I should have known. But I was rralky waitungvto hear Him say when to go. He said that He is His Word. I’m still lokking to hear Him within so I know for sure. I am thankful to God for using you to give that message.

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