Pride is as Rebellion and as a Spirit of Witchcraft! — 5 Comments

  1. Lord I see this in my family and in my church,praying for my son to be delivered from
    This spirit a on time word l will keep praying for him to be set free

  2. I agree…Wowww…the truth hurts, the truth is a wake up CALL. This message is saved, unsaved persons WAKE UP CALL. MY GOODNESS WAKE UP, Listen!!☝☝☝

  3. These spirits bring such chaos and destruction and ruin……it is devastating watching and experiencing living in this time of great stress! But God, you desire mercy over judgment, Father Yahushua, st it be, let it be! In many tears, many tears! Help make the crooked places straight again, oh God!

  4. AMEN & AMEN!!! WOW! PRIDE comes before Destruction, and a Haughty Spirit before A GREAT FALL! The Word is Becoming FLESH BEFORE OUR VERY EYES!!!

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