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Many Have Fallen Prey to the Golden Calf — 3 Comments

  1. He wasn’t chosen to make anything great but rather we have seen how he has divided us. His character shows the rottenness of the fruit. Time to move on. I am amazed at the lack of discernment among many of God’s people.

  2. Amy, truthfully you have spoken, and you are a rare one her on His Kingdom Prophecy, to declare these things as truth, especially when some of what I have prophesied stands in opposition to many.

  3. God gives you someone to help you and you make an idol of that person. Christians have shown a shocking inability to reprove their idol despite all his short-comings. They defend a perpetual failure to exhibit the fruit of the Holy Spirit as He is just been real. Yet they fail to extend the same grace to their political opponents. What manner of hypocrisy is this? And to show you that God is not with you in this madness, he has let your idol to be defeated and grovel in the sand. What shall you now say? Itchy ears that want to ear what they want to hear instead of the Truth. When will you people realize that God is beyond your partisan politics? That he is neither Democrat nor is He Republican as most of you right wing evangelicals have been led to believe. Let’s repent of the lies we have so wholeheartedly embraced and lets turn to God.

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