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Many of You Have Been Utterly Deceived — 10 Comments

  1. DJ, you have a right to your opinions but you don’t have a right to facts that aren’t true. I don’t adhere to your opinions and so, I dismiss them now. Peace.

  2. I am confident in saying that the Biblical false prophet is pope francis, who is a leader of the interfaith movement (global and Roman). This beast will come into alignment with another leader (political and military), who could be Jewish (Israel). I cannot be more specific at this time.

    The second beast may say, “Receive the mark or die.” But it is really a choice between hell (receive the mark) or heaven (reject the mark). This beast may add that, “Your God has forsaken you.” But Jesus has already spoken that we will never be forsaken. This is the time to ask Jesus to place those words in our hearts. There may be a moment when it appears “as if” Christians have been forsaken (Isaiah 49:14). Jesus proved to us that He was not forsaken so don’t let fear grow.

  3. I agree that many make the mistake of seeing things through the prism of America, and that the importance of Israel is consequently overlooked, but would say that the events in the book of Revelation concern ALL nations, including America.  Thus, America ought to be concerned about the coming beast system, while also realising the role of Israel in the return of the Lord.

    Although the coming of the beast system will always be too soon for Christians who are not preparing themselves for it, I personally believe that the Lord will give the world a final opportunity for repentance before it comes.

    • I enjoy reading your articles. I read them slow because I believe every word you write holds its own weight. A divided America, for sure. The remnant is often misunderstood when they speak due to the Word of God being similar to false freedom rhetoric. When one gets misunderstood often, it tends to lead to one feeling defensive and assuming everyone is against God. I’d like to use your comment section to pray for the remnant if you don’t mind because I feel love growing cold and callous with a desire to “hole up”. I feel it in my heart.
      Jesus, may you soften the hearts of Your people to walk in unity as a shining example of the Fullness of You. May your servant speakers speak as people whose gentleness is evident to all. We know that Your sheep hear Your Voice. I pray that not one of Yours would grow weary in doing good so that our Love attracts instead of deflects. Call off the dogs and mutilators for Your Name Sake and Your People’s Sake Lord. May wisdom abound in each of us on every Word from You, Lord. May Holy Spirit have Your Way through each of us and give You all the Glory You deserve. In Jesus Name and according to Your Will, Amen.

  4. You make good points. America’s role in the world right now is very significant but will not be by the time of the tribulation.

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