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  1. looking glass, wicked mother of Snow White, beauty n the beast, Alice n thru the looking glass.. when I witch come to u house. n u discern them not. the 1st place they go is the bath room.. the mirror they talk to the spirit..  the toliet. is to the water kingdom.. or Marine Kingdom…. speaks the beast comes out of the sea.. 4 example

  2. Pink. has a music vid out, where she is upside down, she passes thru the looking glass. she is now on a chess board.. black n white… meaning dark thing must be balance with good deeds.  freemason thinking..  the players r her n the rooks r thorns ..  her music vid has a clock..  if u look at her vid music awards u will see a clock.. huge.. black n red is always colors for satan … if u have sold u soul u must wear certain color of hell.. black red… orange, black, blue n. white, black n gold.
    all songs have double meaning ..  2 stories..  when music is written by satan children. they have certain symbols they music use… urban slang must be used when looking up a meaning of words n songs….

  3. I have had 1 vision .. on the wall of a place I saw 4 mirrors , all diff shapes.. I also saw Alice, n white rabbit…  the rabbit says im late. …  when god moves n his time. he always right on time..  white rabbit. pocket watch… is Kronos. another name for satan. as father of time n the looking glass..  looking glass mirror is a portal to the spirit world. where ever thing is upside down, n backwards… she fall down a portal to hell.. she drinks n she becomes small.  another drink n she big. things r not what they seen.. so satan kingdom is upside down n backwards..satan tells his people he is Father Time.  if u watch parts of the thru the looks glass u will see..  Knows, 1 human hand, 1 mec.  hand.  there e minutes n sec. creatures.  if u watch any video the main person will look back.. which means, satan kingdom.  we r to put our hand to the plow n not look back

  4. The research on this was amazing.  One more thing I can connect: the book title “the looking glass” has significance too.  There is a Project Looking Glass I had researched last year.  Where the wicked ones are seeking to find potential scenarios and alternative outcomes via looking through projection of future portals.
    Also, LEVIATHON has come up in my prayer journal and other prophetic words alot lately. As I researched what that spirit/creature is the puzzle pieces all started coming together.  God is so great at knitting things together.  Praise the Lord.

  5. Allusion to crossing the sea. The king (pharaoh or Biden) and his men (charioteers) were covered by the sea. They did not get up again.

  6. The “donkeys” are the national symbol of the Democratic Party, going back to Andrew Jackson. The second reference of “Building Back Broke” is the Demo/Biden bill that got shot down called “Build Back Better” that was nothing more than printing money for the liberal swamp creatures.
    Thank you Veronika & G-d Bless You!

  7. Daniel [19-23] said, “Let the name of God be praised forever and ever, for wisdom and power belong to Him,” and pointed out seven of His praise worthy characteristics:
    [1] He changes times and seasons
    [2] Deposing some kings and establishing others
    [3] He gives wisdom to the wise
    [4] He imparts knowledge to those with understanding
    [5] He reveals deep and hidden things
    [6] He knows what is in the darkness, and
    [7] Light resides with him.”

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