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  1. Maybe not the biggest confirmation, but a confirmation: Yesterday, December 5, a female neighbour, mother of a military member who just finished Officer’s School, sent me a short video where her son was marching to the strong and loud sound, at the beat of a military march, within a group of about 50 soldiers. Parents and friends were filming this event. Thank you, dear brother Chris. You had an outstanding experience ! As in heaven, so on earth….

  2. At New Wine(UK) in August 2019, during worship before a talk on Psalm 23v5″He prepares a table in the presence of my enemies” I had a vision of the Lord’s armed host, battle ready, in a long line with the dust of the dry ground coming up as they marched forward; I could hear the ground shaking beneath their feet and I realised it was somewhere in the heavenlies above: but I have no idea whether it was in the future or happening in 2019. One captain of one section looked at me, and he clearly realised there was an “open” window from earth to me. To begin with I thought he must be Jesus, but I then realised he could not be somehow, and was an angel leader, and then I came out of the vision, as I realised that –to be rather in a state of shock at the revelation which was unsought by me and also the enormity of what I saw! It took days to digest.
    I see this experience as being a prompt by revelation from the Spirit to enable me to pray with more vigour about the spiritual battles happening above the earth and for God’s victory. We know that angels can be slowed down from Daniel 10, and that Psalm 68 starts off ” May God arise, may His enemies be scattered” so we are scripturally authorised to pray or decree along those lines.God’s army seemed vast and beyond measure–I could not see the end of the line in my vision. But I heard its marching feet and I saw the dust.
    Thank you Chris for sharing

  3. Dear brother Chris,

    This is profound. Talk about ‘hearing the hoofbeats of the Lord’. Stirred my soul to read this. Thank you for posting.

  4. From a friend:

    Mon. 4 Dec. 4 1:55 am Trending on Twitter X, President Trump 4: Just remember Patriots, our great men and women (National Guard?) are getting in their positions soon. We have 10,000 so far. Stay alert. Stay safe. Trust yourself, not the ones you don’t know. Things could escalate very quickly, don’t be surprised. Their end is near.

  5. This is profound Chris! As I read along, I wept and shook when the angel said, “Here he is Lord, I’ve brought him as You asked”. What an honor to be brought at the Lord’s request! Thank you for sharing! There are many of us who look forward to your posts and value what the Lord is saying through you! May God continue to pour Himself into and, out of, you!! VICKI – in Arizona, USA

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