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  1. I understand this to be true.  I can now say it is worth it.  It is hard, but fulfilling at the same time.  I love my call.  I love being chosen.  But sometimes the friction is hard and I have found myself in the crevice a time or two.  I will say this…keep prayed up and stayed up.  Find good people who will have your back.  That is really important and hard to find.  You are different.  Stay the course.  Be blessed.  Yvette Macumber

  2. Yes! “The NEW Prophetic Movement” – I think will mean something different to everyBody according to the sphere of influence and exposure. If we consider the pattern of the apostle Paul in this 21Century Church and resources, to “build” would included churches, but also, the anointing to ‘build’ structures for and to advance the Body of Christ at large, generally, as a need but however God leads. We can only influence the culture we’re willing to engage. Consider: We see a ‘type’ of priest and king roles w/Joshua son of Jehozadak – crown/s representing authority to ‘build’. Zechariah 6:9-13 15

  3. Thank you, Veronika. More wisdom and revelation, not new doctrine. Our our Cornerstone and our foundation is laid, and all must be Scripture-based. I trust there is no disagreement. I Corinthians 3.

  4. Well spoken, sister. I have been on the prophetic end of that relationship more than once. I can bear witness that men in apostolic offices are constantly giving way to pride and conceit, becoming dictators and tyrants who prey on ‘middle management’ in the church and in doing so, shoot themselves and the church in the proverbial foot.
    What compounds this problem, though (and even contributes to it), is the unbiblical forms of church leadership we’ve suffered with for centuries, styled after Roman government rather than the Kingdom.

    For, apostles by their very nature are to stay on the move, continually establishing more churches, not ‘settling down’ and building thrones and amassing staff personnel,money, large estates and costly assembly buildings. Each church body, rather, is to be tended by a group of elders, who are the overseers and shepherds. And even then, only an elder who is especially gifted at teaching should be compensated. In this way, church leadership can keep itself accountable to its high calling.

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