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Meet for The Master’s Use — 3 Comments

  1. I throughly enjoyed and receive what you spoke . I know that God wants a pure heart and mind and I’m so thankful He is illuminating that to me fresh and new. Life ,disappointments , learning to live and navigate a new journey after being a pastors wife for 37 years has been most difficult finding my place . I’ve just been doing what I know to do without really being challenged to seek GOD for the new doors that I must walk through fulfill the purposes of GOD . The lord has been arresting me in the last few weeks showing me and drawing me to a new understanding of things I need to do and understand in my life . My true desire is to make a difference in my life everyday pointing to the love of Jesus .

  2. Soo Good!!!
    I tear my heart and not my Garment Lord, search me and remove all which blocks my Reflection found in Your Image, the only identity which is real and true!! Let that Image be released through me into all you lead me to my Beautiful Redeemer!!
    Oh Sandi, the difference in my physical appearance since I’ve gone into the Fire is NOT AT ALL what the world worships…that is for sure!! I’ve chosen instead to make myself beautiful for Him…He’s SOO WORTH IT!!
    He’s given me His Heart Sandi!!
    And I’ve now given Him mine…ALL of it!! :)
    I just love your words of encouragement, they resonate every time!!
    God bless your beautiful heart Sandi!! :)

    • Dear Cherish..SO happy to hear your beautiful walk with our Redeemer. And so glad this word from the Redeemer resonates with you. I appreciate your kind word as I endeavor to hear His heart in this hour of separation and turning the division into a testing time. Blessings, my sister, Sandi

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