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Ministers of the Gospel — 2 Comments

  1. Praise the Lord! Amen! This is so much on point, the Truth, in which is not spoken about enough. We were not created just to learn, study, showing ourselves approved, but as you mentioned to disciple the nations, speaking/witnessing to the lost souls about the Salvation of Jesus, so that they will know, being able to go to him in faith to Save their soul, filled with the Holy Ghost.

    Thank you, for sharing this message and post. The streets are filled with lost souls, that need to hear the infallible Word of God, they need to know who Jesus is, what he did for them, laying his life down for the entire human race, saving them from a burning fate in the lake of fire, if they accept and not reject him.

    God bless you, Abel Praise!️❤️

  2. AMÉN; AMÉN; AMÉN;. Asking for ♥♥♥HIS CRYSTAL CLEAR LIGHTING Guide to destroy DARK enemies from HIS THRONE under precise ORDERS♥♥♥,AMÉN..!


    RV 12

    2 TH 3

    2 TI 4


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