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Viable, Visible, Tangible Victory — 7 Comments

  1. Father, i thank you for your Mercy & Grace to me & my family always. I judge HIM faithful & so claim all the promises in this prophetic word. Thank you Pastor June

  2. Praise God! Giving Honor to God, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! God bless you, Pastor June Reinke! I pray that you are doing fine and well in Jesus Christ. Another beautiful, encouraging and amazingly inspiring Word from God to encourage the Church, the Bride, the Chosen vessels with whom was grafted from Jesus Christ,divinely appointed to complete the will of the Lord, completing a special assignment, that only that individual can complete.

    I believe as we all draw nearer to the return of Jesus Christ, many will experience the Powerful Anointing of Jesus Christ through the Holy Ghost, working inside their earthly vessel at a great and high magnitude, as we humble, submitting our heart, mind, body, soul to the Lord, worshipping God in Spirit and Truth.

    Thank you, for sharing this awesome Word from the Lord,it is deeply embraced, appreciated and held close to my heart. May Jesus Christ, the Author and Finisher of our faith, complete us individually, that we will be found blameless, without fault, without blemish, spot or wrinkle, but found pleasing in the eyes of the Lord, holy, with our lamp filled with the holy oil,burning brightly with the holy fire of the Holy Ghost.

    I extend much love to you Pastor June Reinke, to your family, to all of my sister’s and brothers worldwide.️❤️

  3. Oh Father Amen Amen Amen!!
    The desert and the parched land IS glad and the wilderness IS rejoicing Father. We are bursting into bloom like the desert rose and are shouting for joy!!!!!! Water is gushing forth in the wilderness and springs in the desert!!! The thirsty pools have become bubbling springs….LIVING WATER!!!!!
    You NEVER fail, and in You we NEVER fail!!
    Unlimited Hope, Vision, and Encouragement is now released for the Righteous Remnant, Peace, Love, and Joy to be released through transparent, inside out, pure vessels pouring the Kingdom of God into the earth. We are seated in You Jesus, at the Right Hand of the Father. We are, with unveiled faces, a full reflection of Your Beautiful Splender for Your World to see and behold Your Beauty!!
    On earth as we are in Heaven!!!!
    Father, bless the beautiful feet which delivered this much needed encouragement for Your Children today…bless her beautiful heart Lord :)

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