Monitoring Spirits — 21 Comments

    • Dear Jacqueline,
      If the circumstances are suitable, I do believe it is quite possible.
      But the resultant condition is likely to be much worse than before, as Luke 11:26 advises.
      Blessings in Christ,

  1. I was with a man who was verbally, sexually, mentally and pysically abusive. When the man i fell in love with after ‘Fred’, started showing the same type of behavior as far as verbal and mental, i freaked out. Hes even said the very same thing as Fred! I realized without ever knowing that i was dealing with some sort of ancient spirit! Now its confirmed! I do believe tho i can pray this away and my new bf and i are very much in love and he does want to be a better person . And he does go to church with me when we both can and we do pray togeher.

  2. Thank you in Jesus name for this information and prayer, I pray that monitoring spirits will be put to confusion, in Jesus name Amen

  3. I’ve always noticed things like this and never said anything.  Thank you! I had seriously convinced myself that I must be crazy and that some thing was wrong with my mind.  Thank you.  Thank you, Jesus thank you!

    • Warmy greetings to you.
      Please can you tell me why birds are following me anywhere I go and what will I do to stop them or can you help me to stop it..
      Thanks and I hope to hear from you soonest
      Remain blessed!

    • That may not be necessary, what matters is spirituality has no limitations in what is used in monitoring. Only the known is mentioned. So be prayerful and study the word which is the key. True knowledge and Wisdom of such activities comes from God as you grow in spirit. God gives you only if you can handle it.

  4. Awesome article and I pray the blood of Jesus and holy ghost fire over you.  Sister, i have so many people jealous of me but it is hard to determine who is who.  But at church sunday I noticed that a paticular young lady acting like me. I function in the ministry of music so, after church she told me that she was learning how to sing.  I believe that is my monitor.

  5. Wow! Thank you for sharing! It is so empowering to find someone who understands these debilitating attacks that are increasing in number and boldness in these last days.

  6. Thank you for sharing this I have a colleague who does and buys everything that I have she even built her house exactly as mine she’s much older than me but will go on extremes like buying same types of dresses I wear

  7. Great insight, dear sister. It is terrible (and a sort of manipulative psychoterror) how many people want to ride on the back of believers, only for this reason: To be part of their destiny, overtrumping them and to bring the believer down.Thank you for the chosen Scriptures about God’s angel army.

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