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  1. Praise the Lord! Giving all praise, honor and glory to the Lord Jesus Christ!
    God bless you,Minister, Dr.June Sheltrown Reinke! I’ve listened to many ministers via YouTube, in different churches over the years, but the Lord God has connected me to read and listen to the messages the Lord has shared with you to extend to the masses, but I feel a connection to what God has given you to speak, prophecy and preach.

    You have such a beautiful spirit, meek,humble and full of the Lord’s fruits of the spirit in which I am certainly in tuned to.

    I pray your continuation in Jesus Christ, as you continue to raise God’s holy laws and standards, praying that he continues to sustain your spiritual, mental and physical strength, through and in Him, the One who is the Creator, the Giver of eternal life.

    God bless you, Minister and Dr.June Sheltrown Reinke!

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