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My Dependency Upon God Reveals My Humility — 3 Comments

  1. This is so true, it has begun God is taking away relationships, people to separate from and everyone that just would hinder you in anyway. He did it to me and I have been happier, more peaceful and I am able to concentrate on my relationship with the Lord, my friend and talk to Him all day long. Who needs people? I certainly don’t, I am at peace with my Lord and I can trust only Him, I can ask Him anything and He answers me.

  2. I never saw pride in this fashion but you are absolutely right pride does cause us to compete with God. I guess we take a lot for granted when it comes to the flesh. This is truly an eye opening experience and very profound word in this season. I will take it to heart and ask God to increase my faith in him so my flesh want compete.

    Thank you for such an awesome and profound word

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