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  1. Amen, my Heavenly Father. Your Will for my life be done. All Glory, All Honor, and All Praise to You now and forever.

    Love, Jay

  2. CLAY
    By: Season of Harvest

    I am a piece of clay in my Father’s hands.
    I started off as a masterpiece… none the same as me, never will be.
    My Daddy pays attention to every detail that most can not see.
    He is the ultimate Creator… creating things beautifully, perfectly.
    I was made into perfection, the apple of my Fathers eye.
    He see’s me as no one else.
    I was perfect until the day the fall of man came into play.
    A crack, shattered pieces, my polish tarnished into dust.
    From the dust of the earth I arose, my Father breathed life into my lungs.
    Spotted and rusted I became unclean.
    My cracks spread until it broke me, shattered me, making me unwhole.
    Sin, sin crept into my soul.
    One day my Daddy drew me back… into His loving hands.
    He opened me up to the truth and showed me His master plan.
    He then showed me a perfect vessel who dazzled upon my gaze.
    This vessel was whole and entire, it was glazed with grace.
    It shone and sparkled so brightly, i wanted to look away.
    This vessel was so inviting it instantly re-captured my attention.
    I could not stop looking and seeking to try to understand.
    This perfect vessel seemed so familiar to me…
    It was perfectly grand.
    My Father then picked me up and showed me that the perfect vessel was shattered to pieces, just like me.
    The perfect vessel was crushed, completely destroyed and it became a mess.
    My Father explained that the vessel did this for me.
    The vessel allowed others to crush it for me, so I could be set free.
    But now the vessel was perfect, entire and stunning beyond compare. My Father had placed every piece back together with loving tenderness and care.
    My Father placed me next to this perfect vessel of light, He explained that He would make me like the vessel and give me back my life.
    My Daddy said He would restore me to my perfected state, becoming more like the perfect vessel next to me… each and every day.
    My Father gave me visions of who He created me to be.
    He told me we would rediscover my perfect destiny.
    Then He showed me a large shelf and sat me upon it for awhile.
    He asked me to be still…
    He placed the perfect vessel next to me and asked me to just watch it, get to know this vessel inside out. Stay completely focused on it… YOU BECOME WHAT YOU BEHOLD.

    Behold perfection in My Son. The one name Jesus Christ who died for everyone.

    As I sat upon the shelf and fixed my eyes upon the perfect one, I realized I was starting to look more and more like it. My shape resembled its shape, I started to sparkle as it sparkled, I started to be filled with light as it was.
    Although I was becoming like it, I still had a unique pattern, worn just by me.
    I started seeing different colors that my Father was painting on me.
    There were seasons that I was filled with flowers, filled with oils and filled with light.
    There was colors changing on me and i was becoming very bright.
    My Daddy kept me on the shelf until it was time to work more on me.
    He kept putting me back together until i was exactly the way He intended me to be.
    He was always there… around me, inside me and beside me on the shelf.

    My Father is the potter and I am His piece of clay.
    I am honored that He loves me and works on me everyday.
    He changes me and molds me, purifies and cleanses me.
    He allows me to become more and more beautiful and pours His love and favor upon me.
    Some days I wonder how I could ever be completely whole and perfect again, then I look next to me on the shelf and see my perfect friend.

  3. Wow! An amazing prophetic word from the Spirit of the Lord! I receive! And agree for others to receive as well!In Jesus name!Amen!

  4. Your word is true and honourable. Thank you LORD for perfecting everything concerning me and your children. I bless you, LORD. Amen!!!

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