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  1. Calms me down to be reminded that He cares for the mother and father sheeps as well as for the little lambs. No matter if this “little” one is 20 and over 6 feet tall. Still they young sons and daughters need our parenting. World’s influences are many, and careful adults are not easy to find like in generations before, when Bible was held high. Sister June, though we never met personally, I know and highly esteem your mothering heart.
    It’s a good restful day. My son is in Italy over the weekend at a music festival. I must BELIEVE that chemical drugs pass him and his girlfriend by. Temptations are many. Drugs influence body, brain, characters and relationships. The builders who overflood the markets, are knowing this. The young people think they can handle it. May God’s grace and protection be stronger than satans plans. I PRAY and I BELIEVE that nothing may prevent God’s plan for my son and for all children of the saints. Our children even have the task to help unbelievers / atheists to come to the One true Messiah. Satan is after them, the masses make party. Thank you for caring for us. With love… a caring mother for many.

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