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  1. Praise the Lord Syreeta for His awesome care to His flock.  I receive this word with all of my heart.  I woke up this morning and I heard these words: Rejoice for I return soon.  I was full of joy.  I believe the glory of the Lord will be seen all over this world to bring in the masses before His return and what this posting reveals is His glory for His children. Let us pray that many will repent suddenly as He pours out His Spirit upon all flesh.  I have relatives that need to come to know Him as their saviour.  I covet your prayers for all of our families. God bless you Syreeta and your family!!!

  2. You will dance before me an undignified praise and skip like calf. For I have seen the days you have become weary but I say to you now enter into My Rest.

    Come O weary one let Me comfort you and give you suck on My Breast.

    You who have been tossed by life’s tempest without relief come.

    For this time of rejoicing and dancing I am waiting since 4 decades now and don‘t give up hope for fulfillment!
    The first passage you write here has been what I experienced during a very challenging time and season of trials, when my heart stopped and brought about much pain!! On that day expecailly that older sister from the USA saw the battle for my life and interceded which I saw later….She greatly encouraged me and gave us several strong prophecies, but then the communication suddenly stopped, which saddenend me! I never heard of that statements you made about contact before!!
    Everything here is wisdom you shared….!!!

  3. Praise the Lord! Amen and Amen! God bless you – dear beautiful sister Syreeta, a precious jewel in the Lord Jesus Christ, I pray that you are yet doing well in the Lord. I can certainly relate to the heavenly message and encouraging words in this post, so sincerely appreciated.

    It is truth, some things I’ve experienced in the past and even now sister, I’m in somewhat intense spiritual warfare, discerning through the Holy Spirit – that special person’s in my family have opened the door to the evil one, resisting me – which I believe is a conviction from and by the Holy Spirit, that causes them to avoid me, as they feel I may hint towards the open doors , I’m considered a problem, believing it is God’s Anointing on my life and my spirit may agitate other spirits, which may be following particular person’s with my family fold.

    God bless you dear sister and I thank God for your platform presence, prompting your heart to share the words, led by the Holy Spirit, the message that hit home within the heart. God bless you, I extend love, peace and blessings to you. Have a blessed and fruitful day!❤️

      • Praise the Lord! Have d bless you,dear sister Syreeta! You are a great encouragement to me in so many ways and would like for you to know that I sincerely appreciate your holy service unto God+- I truly do. I thank you for your encouragement in all things, as the past 10 years, from 2014-2023, I’ve experienced some the hardest battles, dealing with spiritual warfare – but by God’s Divine Grace, He has kept me through all of the attacks.

        I extend love, peace and blessings to you, as I know that your position and battle in spiritual warfare has been unimaginable, especially when there is a powerful anointing, giftings – in/over your life.❤️

  4. Oh MY GOD!!! Thank You Lord & Syreeta, SO POWERFUL & Prophetic and So CONFIRMING!  I SO RECEIVE IT- MY TIME Under GOD IS NOW! IT is My Time, MY Turn & MY SEASON!☝

    • Good morning Dear sister you’re right in the pocket Please continue to write what thus saith the Lord.. Keep pouring for every ounce of truth.. Right as a scribe early in the morning. He gives you a word to sustain the weary, and so is it. Even this morning you have done well. I concur with everything that has been said. Thank you eagle let’s continue to fly high and stay low as in humility. Shalom blessings.

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