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  1. Dear Robert PLEASE hear my words. You say, I don’t want to live like this anymore!  I don’t want to die like this!  There as so many side-effects and you’re never truly well. Look into healing your ancestral family tree of sin and any curses. Believe me when I say that is the answer. If an exorcist did their true job it would not be a matter of you are possessed by a demon but you are afflicted by evil spirits who have authority by your sin or generational sin and we are here to release you. Sadly help is hard to find so you need to be proactive. Look to your family tree Robert, I have and will continue to pray for your release from all evil and healing of your mind, body, spirit in the name of Jesus. In Jesus I trust for your healing and release from any curses, sin, malediction, and believe Peace will be unto you in Gods name Amen praise be to Him forever and ever everlasting. Believe Robert and you will be set free at Gods command, I know because He did me!

  2. As a believer with a lifelong hidden disability, and who also supported a severely disabled relative for over 40 years, we can still be used by God in my weakness. (2 Cor4). I believe in healing, have been healed have seen people healed, but I have also not been healed and obviously seen people not healed (in this life).  Though my body is disabled in this life, my spirit isn’t and I can still give glory and praise to God. We will receive a new body in eternity! (Phil 3:21, Job 19:23-27, 2 Cor 4 & 5).
    God can use the things we go through to reach and help others (2 Cor 4 & 5). It can also help us to speak into situations and against abuse. (care system in my case).
    My disability was misdiagnosed as a mental health issue’ by ‘the system, and also as a ‘spiritual or sin issue’ by christians.  There is a point where certain types of prayer for healing becomes a form of spiritual abuse.
    God is close to the broken hearted and hears the cries of the afflicted.

    • Wow! Such truth Mhhh! In total agreement! By my longtime observation of a family close to me who had an affliction of mental issues with each of their siblings I came to believe it was from ancestral problems within their family tree. Cleansing the family tree of all sin has proved fruitful. They had a number of historical issues I identified. A relative died by manslaughter due to a speeding policeman who never received any justice and had help covering up his crime. A relative was murdered, again no justice or apprehending of culprit. These left wounds on the family and blood had been spilt on the land with no justice. The family needed healing. Sometimes the answer is hidden and suffering is unexplained until with Gods help answers come. Love your words Mhhh! God Bless you

      • Dear Bella. I’m afraid that you have totally mis-understood what I have written.  I said that my PHYSICAL disablity was misdiagnosed as a mental health issue, by doctors. (Unqualified) people in the church also treated me as such. I was subjected to much of the kind of prayer which you describe. This is not biblical or scriptural. It led to much unnecessary and prolonged suffering – including injuries – for me. It is also a form of discrimination.
        It is also not legal. For example in our law we are charged and stand trial for offences we are deemed to have done. In the UK we are innocent until proven guilty. We now see troubling tendencies where we are being blamed for the actions of those who lived hundreds of years ago (e.g. ‘BLM’).
        It is a very childish way of thinking. I would also suggest that it smacks of witchcraft,animism & spiritualism. Having done voluntary work in Africa, I personally witnessed witchdoctors and shamanism. It is a problem to separate this from the work of the Holy Spirit, even after people are saved, so it is brought unwittingly into the church.

        • No misunderstanding. Two separate situations and I agree with you totally, very much so, and I understand what you are saying.
          You were failed by doctors and people in the Church. Disgraceful and abusive.
          My prayer for the family with some mental problems was simply forgive all sins in their family line which may be affecting them. Cleanse their family line. They needed healing so try everything! I do believe very much in curses and they need to be broken and addressed head on. I know devout Christians unaware of their sins!! They are in denial. How did evil get in? They believe they are saved! Can they therefore be cursed by another due to being in sin? I think so.
          BLM, like many groups coming is purely for money bottom line. King Charles will need to dismantle the jewels in his crown because they have been claimed too! Yet the Law has time limits for claims!

  3. Jesus Christ is the divine Physician. St Raphael Archangel is the angel of healing. What can a doctor change with only drugs as a solution that Jesus, the Holy Ghost and His angels cannot? Doctors are not in the business of prevention and pharmaceutical drugs are profitable. I have watched exorcists defer to doctors first and it is astounding to me. Does God wish mental affliction on anyone? It has to be dealt with on a spiritual level. Doping a person with medication forever is not the answer. Healing is the answer. Robert is quite correct.
    But if you look into Doctors training and how this came into being and by whom you will see it is for profit primarily, NOT as it should be – solely for and in the interest of the patients health, or you would be told by Doctors which foods/minerals/vitamins/herbs/spices etc to take to balance your body/mind before or after damage is done. No profit in healthy people

    • Though not everyone may agree I myself do believe in Archangel Raphael- Raphael (/ˈræfiəl/, “God has healed”) is an archangel first mentioned in the Book of Tobit and in 1 Enoch, both estimated to date from between the 3rd and 2nd century BCE.- I believe he is another source of help as a servant of Christ and would trust him more than a doctor!!!! Lol

  4. Hi, Robert,

    this is such a transparent and nessecary testimony!
    You are so so right!….We desperately need those gifts in action the way Jesus practised it in his ministry, yet so many suffer, you – since 50 years. Its the same with me and other fellow brothers and sisters!!
    I often thought that it reflects the state of God‘s people in the time when Jesus fufilled Isaiah 61 again after a long period of suffering the same way.
    Added to the level of suffering has been the long long waiting process……!!!

    • The churches, most of them, have uplifting messages about the goodness of God but it is rare to find any church speaking on the promises of God that are yes and amen through Christ – healing, deliverance, provision, wholeness. No messages on the victory He made available to us through faith.
      There are some people who God is using to get that message out even as the churches won’t. One of them is Praying Medic, who has a great testimony. He has an online presence and his website has healing videos and discussions. Everything is free, I believe, except the books he has written.

      • Please follow Praying medic.com, On healing the wounds in your soul. He is an amazing healer. He has many free videos and several books. His name is Dave Hayes and his books are sold online through Barnes and Noble.

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