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The Day of Vengeance — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you for this serious and sobering word. We need to stay before the Lord believing He will prepare and empower us to accept His just and righteous decisions.

    Recent dream:
    The Bride was asleep in bed. The Husband opened the blinds and the Bride was awakened by the bright light from the east. She took it as a rude awakening and complained to Him,”How would You like to have a bright light in Your face when Your eyes are closed? Then she saw that He had closed the blinds halfway before He left.

  2. I have felt that revival and restoration are coming, but people seek the Lord in response to great trials.  We see this in the time of the Judges.  So, when I have heard a prophet talk about people streaming into the good churches, I imagine a great terror pushing them in.  So I expect both great judgement and many waking up and running to the Lord.  I also wonder about the effects of His Spirit.  If the Spirit of Fear of the Lord falls on a person, would not their response be to seek Him?

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