[ Nervine: A nerve tonic, a medicine that acts therapeutically upon the nerves, particularly in the sense of a sedative that serves to calm ruffled nerves.  The word nervine comes from the Latin nervinus, belonging to a sinew.  Nervine travelled across the Channel from France to 17th-century England.  There it was first applied to the sinews.  That is not illogical because the Latin nervinus derives from nervus meaning “a sinew, tendon, thong, string (as a bowstring), or wire.”  In ancient anatomy the Romans (and Greeks) did not distinguish between and tendons and nerves.  The name “nervus” referred to any white cordlike structure, whether it be a band of connective tissue or a fiber in the nervous system. ]

“I’m going to infuse you with My peace, My love, My joy, My patience, My discernment, and revelation that will humble those I send you to. My will, will be carried out on all fronts in the earth.  I will fight with you in this battle and know that I am IN YOU, and surround you with My warring angels and you will have all you need to fulfill whatever your assignment is in this world.

I am not as man.  When I make a promise, I keep it. My love leads to repentance.  So do not dismiss those who have blown it before.  How do you know I have not changed them through fire as well as you ?  I am able, and I am capable to change hearts, whatever their background is.  Don’t dismiss those who have been so wounded and have stayed “stuck” in the muck and mire of this world.  Understand that in a moment, I can change anyone.  All it takes is a touch from Me and their hearts will be transformed.  So be not afraid of those who have bludgeoned you before, and made you feel worthless compared to them.

I will bring low the PRIDE OF MAN . I will lay it to wasted.  All arrogance and pride will succomb to the FEAR OF THE LORD and My MIGHTY TSUNAMI OF LOVE.  When people really understand who they are in Me, and Who I AM to them, they will change. UNBELIEF is what keeps people stuck.  Unbelief that I will come through for them as I have for others.

Many have misunderstood that their waiting, and enduring so long is so that I can bless them more than they can imagine . Moses was in the hills shepherding 40 years.  So the longer you are there, the greater the glory will I get for what I do in and through you.  Many people will not understand and call you “cultists” and label you because they are territorial, and cling to money like the Pharisees of old.  They will be JEALOUS for what I pour out in you.  So don’t think this will be an easy ride on the train of GLORY.

Satan will also be angry and come after those even though they have not been prominent in ministry before this.  He already knows who you are for I chose you long before, and he has steadfastly looked to hinder you’re coming forth as gold.  But My BRIDE, I AM SO TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH YOU, and I treasure you as a good husbandman does his bride.  Though you have suffered brutally, and been pushed and shoved, and chiseled through many hardships, or afflictions and persecutions, even from your own family, I will bring you through to the Promised “land” that My Spirit has planned for you.

I will seek you out.  You don’t have to find the perfect place to be.  I know where you are !  And once you are changed, you will not have trouble obeying anything I ask you to do, for My RIGHTEOUSNESS is in you, and will manifest perfectly in you through my perfect GRACE, and you will be empowered through deliverance from all that has hindered you before, and filled to the full with My LOVE and be made into ALL YOU NEED TO BE FOR THE KINGDOM !

I know it’s been hard . I know it’s been long.  Be NOT discouraged. I know you need resuscitation and for ME to breathe My breath into you to revive you, and know that I WILL DO IT.  TRUST ME that I can find you no matter where you are. I have My eyes on you always.  My angels are ready to carry out all My instructions.  Eye has not seen, nor ear heard all that I have prepared for those who love ME.

No matter what has yet to be healed, no matter what is yet to be delivered, I WILL DO IT !  I AM WITH YOU.  I AM IN YOU . I AM AROUND YOU.  My angels surround you.  Have CONFIDENCE IN MY ABILITY, not yours !!!!  I love you beloveds, and I will not leave anyone out. STAY your eyes on ME.  KEEP YOUR HEART TUNED to My VOICE.  All is at hand.

Exalt ME in all things.  Glorify MY NAME in all the earth !  Sing of My love, and worship Me in the beauty of Holiness.  Don’t allow the ungodly to make you feel disqualified, when they cannot understand spiritual things.  The carnal mind is bent on confusion and twisted knowledge from the tree of good and evil.  It is not your friend.  Don’t expect ungodly people to act like anything they are not.  They don’t KNOW holiness.  They don’t know honesty.

Forgive quickly in your heart that you might stay the course.”


of Upstream Ministries,
California on 2012-10-27




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