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Never Fear but Don’t Be Deceived! — 5 Comments

  1. I wish to say again to you all on this thread, what you shared was very insightful!
    Again thank you my sisters in Christ. I have read again and it’s speaking loud and clear as truth shared.
    What a time we live in to serve our Lord! ❤️

  2. All I could hear as I pondered your word, dear Joyce, was the Word of God is black and white. The truth the whole truth. It spells out the evil one..the black, the darkness, the deception, the other side…the opposite of white, clean, clear, holy, pure. Yes the truth is part of WHO HE IS, the way out of darkness *evil, black, deception, He is the WAY, the TRUTH that reveals the darkness, the lies, the deception, the pit of hell, and the LIFE. THe Life of God that destroys every part of death that the evil is speaking, working and captivating the world and the church. Preach on, my friend, Love you, you are my sister. Sandi

    • I thank each and every one of you for your comments.
      Even though none of the 3 of us have ever met here on earth I feel a kinship with each one of you! Your all warriors to the max! Much love in Christ, Joyce ❤️

  3. AI -deep down is abandon, that’s what The Lord revealed to me.
    If we really have to use it , we have to be very very cautious
    Bless you

  4. Dear Joyce,

    Blessings to you today. Couple of things here….First,
    I had to smile When you mentioned the time 3:47 a.m. I smiled as it’s mostly between 3:00-5:00 that the Lord either speaks things to me, gives me certain dreams, or to pray. That’s why whatever I post, send out – is ususally between 3-5 a.m. I guess we’ve both have been given the 4th watch detail :) to ✍️.

    Secondly, yes, the lines have been drawn in the sand for sure. White hats vs dark hats, those who love life, freedom and God, those who worship death, tyranny and the father of lies. The fact that God has delayed many judgments, was to give space & time to repent to many, but they would not. Revelation 2: 21-23

    Lastly, we are at that time in history, where the AI interfacing with science, tech, media, medicine, education and govt. This push for total AI is for control & power. Nothing less.

    I remember the Lord telling me years ago (we had never heard of Nephilim, clones, AI back then) some of this weird science. It seemed so Star Trekky.But – now that we know that the Nephilim agenda has been in (secret) operation for year, and clones/hybrids are not a conspiracy.

    When that evil darkness mixes with the DNA genetic material of human -that’s the time the
    antichrist comes on the scene. We are that close! That’s why the push for abortion, fetal parts. We must pray.

    Blessings- Elizabeth Cassutto

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