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Vision of Heaven’s Sickle — 6 Comments

  1. I agree with Elizabeth. The Lord has spoke much the same to me also. We have to come out of Babylon and it’s system.
    Keep pressing in and on my beloved sister. So many want the fluff but not the judgement warnings. Love warns also! ❤️

  2. God’sJudgment is not waiting for to start but is and has been an ongoing thing since the creation human and man began to speak.
    Because God says that man shall be judged for “every” idle words, so whenever you open your mouth to speak you are judged because are you speaking words from your own understanding or only words you have heard directly from the Father?

    That is also the correct interpretation of Joshua 1:8 which says “don’t let the words of this Law (of Christ) depart from your mouth BUT meditate on it(don’t speak unless you first have heard the words from the Father) THEN you will have succses (through the Judgment of your words).


  3. Is this judgement for the America and Jamaica?

    Because there is another word for the nations posted by another Brother and it is not about judgement.

  4. Dear Syreeta

    Just wanted to confirm your post today. The Lord is truly speaking to His Body, His Bride, to come out of the Babylonian mindsets, alliances and any soul-ties connected to it. I had just posted about coming out of Babylon this week. Thank you Syreeta. Shalom

    • Confirmed. It is time for judgement. The Joel 2 army coming from the north. Blessings sweet sisters. See you in the air :)

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