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No God Like Jehovah! — 8 Comments

  1. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! And another Hallelujah, Sandi!

    Wonderful words of encouragement in the midst of the worse of times, the Remnant does Arise!!

    You gotta know Sandi that song is mine too. My favorite version!
    I love you sis. Blessings, honor to you and hugs. Joyce

    • Thanks so much my sister, Joyce for your agreement and amens! It is His heart to rescue the perishing and bring in a great harvest as well as prosper and bring to fruition all the seeds we have sown. Judy Jacobs just makes the word come alive, doesn’t she. I love you and honor you and your faithfulness to the one who is FAITHFUL and true. No God like Jehovah, Sandi

    • Dear John, I am very grateful for your input and agreement. It is my joy to share His words to me Many blessings, Sandi

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