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No One Knows the Day or the Hour — 4 Comments

  1. God bless you, Pastor Hanson,

    Jesus is calling for true Repentance of godly sorrow from the nations, from the lost, the lukewarm and backslidden souls. But many are filled with pride, arrogance, unbelief, greed, self-glorification, haughty, wise with failing wisdom, not the divine Wisdom of God.
    No man knows the hour, but we are to watch and pray, praying without ceasing, on fire in the Holy Spirit, not cold or lukewarm, letting everything go that opposes the Word of God, all idolatry that many have made idols of, drawing near to Jesus Christ in Spirit and Truth.

    Many are not watching or praying, not preparing for the Lord’s return, instead promoting themselves, elevating themselves instead of Jesus Christ, instead of praising and glorifying his name, not keeping their spiritual garments clean, but caught up with worldly adventures, this is why many will miss the return of Jesus, because of not being hot or on fire in the Holy Spirit for Jesus, which would cause most to seek the face of God, repenting with a repentant heart, obeying opposed to sacrificing, tuned in strongly with the Holy Spirit.

    I pray all are ready for the return of Jesus Christ with their heart found pure, free from all sin, for the eyes of Jesus are likened unto flames of fire, holy, righteous. I pray that I am found accounted worthy to meet the standards and requirements of the Lord mentioned in the book of Revelation, chapters 1-3. God bless and peace to all of my brothers and sisters

    • I say Amen to your prayers above. May God uphold you to walk with him & work for him & may it be heaven at last for you in Jesus Christ name. Thanks for your beautiful post.

  2. Father, open our eyes of eyes to understand the time & season like the sons of Issachar. Help us to draw nearer to you everyday in Jesus name. Thank you Pastor Hanson. More Anointing

  3. I dreamed last night 10-9-21 that I was in a place (island?) by a shore and an alarm went off that an enemy boat was offshore and preparing to attack.  The dream then repeated.  I was not made aware of my actual location, but I am an American.

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