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Ancient Paths Opening and Special Assignments — 3 Comments

  1. Your data is too illusive can you be more specific.  I do not like the use of out of context Bible verses either.  They are not just illusive but may have nothing to do with what is happening today.  The desert in California is very dangerous why would Jesus be sending you into the desert there.  Most of the west coast will be under water soon.

  2. This data is too elusive can you be more specific?  I believe the California desert is a dangerous place.  Why would Jesus put you there it does not make sense.

  3. God bless your ministry with more Grace Prophet Doug. This word is a confirmation of a dream I had 2years where I stood watching a board with lots of scattered figures. Next, I saw they wrote 22 in a circle. I didn’t understand the dream since then until now the Holy spirit revealed to you that there is a Major or Shifting coming up in 2022. Thank you Sir

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