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No Weapon Forged Against You Shall Prosper — 6 Comments

  1. Yess…AMEN
    Thank YOU Sister Deborah
    This message confirmation confirmation
    The winds and STORMS obey GOD so shall wickedness fall to the ground it is GOD through JESUS CHRIST “crushing snakes” with the SWORD of the SPIRIT.
    Crushing Snakes song by David Crowder ft Hillsong soloist Taya (Oceans song).
    Thank YOU JESUS

  2. “steal, kill, and destroy” An important progression.

    “Pride goeth before ________.”  Probably the most misquoted verse in the Bible.

  3. Wow, what an encouraging word for the season, in season. My heart rejoices when God speaks to my heart. Thank you.
    Frances Bell.

  4. Amen!! Zayin also can mean “nourishment” (H4X). The Word, The Bread of Life, sustains and empowers the Body of Christ to Overcome the enemy and Lead/Carry Us to Eternal Life!

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