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My Visit to Hell — 12 Comments

  1. There are so MANY POSITIVE and NEGATIVE feedbacks right after THIS MESSAGE was RELEASE.

    Some had laid opinions both fact and feast. Fact to BELIEVE and feast with appetite with a comic conclusion.

    Some use FREE WILL opinions and some supportive. I read it…ONLY GOD choose an individual or group of non BELIEVERS, atheists, lukewarm, same sex, different religions, occults, murderers, false prophets, greedy corrupt law enforcement, politicians, ministers, fame singers, actors and actresses will go to hell. Some will return with a chance and some won’t. The odds for this type of encounter are very very slim.

    When one dies as Micheal Jackson, James Brown, Whitney Houston, Prince, Kirk Douglas, and child predator Jeffrey Epstein and also his royal highness Prince Philip. Regardless, one’s religious belief..the devil played his hand. After, there’s appt set for JUDGEMENT DAY. THESE PEOPLE VIP, ROYAL whoever you are ur EXPIRATION APPT is scheduled. Turn ur nose down, laugh, tease and.mock whatever makes you comfortable. After u died, YOU will be escorted to the GREAT WHITE THORNE OF JUDGEMENT b4 GOD if u haven’t allow or give JESUS CHRIST an opportunity to set u free and 4 him to be ur SAVIOR. Tick, tock it is OVER, 2late.

    Revelation 20:11-15
    King James Version
    11 And I saw a great white throne, and him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away; and there was found no place for them.

    12 And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works.

  2. A confession in what one believes is then reflected in all lifestyle choices. Shame on someone who believes the absolute Truth about Christ and then now follow him and His example wholeheartedly…. and even worse, makes up their own standard of what they call truth.

  3. Remember Jesus spoke much of hell!! And He also spoke much about deception!! If we were not so easily deceived, would He Jesus have said, beware of false prophets. In the end times we are told, deception would be great!! And that people would follow these false deceptive prophcies!! Rather wanting to have their ears tickeled, versus hearing the truth. Listen to mena. She is speaking truth.

  4. here is Kat kerr’s claim on her heavenly experiences, and if you choose to believe all these with your mind and heart after discernment in truth, spirit, and normal theology, the only thing I can say is: good luck, sis, on your journey with God.

    Some of her heaven experiences go like this

    Almighty God the father is a huge Caucasian man with a neat moustache on whom lap she sits while eating ice cream.

    Jesus is a tattooed biker with his own brand new Harley Davison motor bike

    Almighty God and Jesus regularly play golf up there

    John Wayne is in heaven still masking cow boy moves, which Almighty God simply loves to watch when he gets time

    the Mexican restaurants in heaven are very poplar so much so that God the Father and Jesus regularly eat out in one of them

    Pizza in heaven are bigger than table tops

    Santa Clause is alive in heaven and slipping down chimneys to give kids presents in a Christmas town

    Christopher Reeves a committed atheist and superman actor is not in heaven teaching people how to fly like superman something he could not do while in the flesh

    Thee is a chocolate milk water fall in heaven much bigger than our Niagara Falls down here

    There is a whole town made of jello which kids run around eating as they go

    The Holy Spirit is a cool dude blue in color very handsome and muscular who told dear Kat Kerr to dye her hair pink and call him cupid

    The Rainbow surrounding the throne of God is made of jello from which the angels up there slide up and down eating at it as they go

    Kids fly about on huge dragon flies

    The heavenly helicopters wings are made out of flower petals

    Michael Jackson , the Pope and Whitney Houston are up there still doing their thing

    God has a time machine and took Kat Kerr on a long trip into the past where she saw the crucifixion of Christ.

  5. Heres a thought to all…
    Revelations speaks of the punishment of those removing books from the bible. As a ghetto child I bless the Lord for teaching me to be studios. I bless the lord for teaching me not to trust people, that is the biggest pain that is still being learned. I bless the lord for giving me the desire to READ!!!!! The bible does speak of the antichrist, the beast and the revelations are there on whose bringing it…the pope and all who believe him. Why not research why the several books of the bible has been removed?  WHo? WHen? And what is in those books. Then you wouldn’t have to say anything against the HOLY SPIRIT when he speaks or question who is right or wrong in the matter. Hell is a place what was spoke of since the beginning, yet you don’t read. Or choose just not to believe. Read, read, read! The WORD has been here since the beginning.

  6. Here is a thought for all. The apostle Paul who wrote most of the New Testament and spoke about many things to help believers never mentioned a place called hell once. I could say more but I won’t because most would just argue with me. But one thing you can not speak against is the fact that Paul never speaks about a place called hell one time in all his writing. Writing we call the truth. Someone told me this truth more then 35 years ago. Instead of calling him a false prophet or a unsaved person I spent 3 months looking for my self and found it to be true. It changed my out look on many things about who I thought God was and who most think he is now. Some things to think about. Remember I am not saying to any one here is there a hell as tradition talks about. All I am saying is the apostle Paul never once spoke of such a place not once. Something to think about. And possibly one of the many reasons things are the way they are at this moment all over the world.

    • Where we go in the afterlife depends upon our what is in our hearts and minds. We experience what we need to experience until we have a change in consciousness, which leads to a humble heart. God is always good. God loves us!

  7. Sweet sister in Yeshua, i myself have seen Kats video. I dont watch her anymore… but heres the interesting thing, she confesses Jesus came to earth as a man in the flesh. So i know she doesnt have thw spirit of the antichrist. I havent heard you do so but i imagine you would… so then what does that mean if you both confess Jesus came in the flesh and you have both been shown “by God” different things about the same person.
    If you and her are both genuinely saved and spirit filled, then the Holy Spirit in you both should be leading you both into all truth. He is the only teacher you both would need. Honestly this is interesting! May God reveal whats happening in Jesus’s Name amen

    • A confession in what one believes is then reflected in all lifestyle choices. Shame on someone who believes the absolute Truth about Christ and then now follow him and His example wholeheartedly…. and even worse, makes up their own standard of what they call truth.

      • God is the one who gives us the desire to obey Him and the power to do what pleases Him. He is the one that draws us to Himself lest any man should boast. We can do nothing apart from the vine. God is faithful to complete the works He starts in us. But in regards to what my post is about which is discerning between the Spirit of Christ and the spirit of the antichrist, a confession that Jesus came to earth as a man in the flesh is what is required. Woe to those who call good evil and evil good. We will know them by their fruit.  God is the ONLY righteous judge. To God be the glory for the gift of discerning of spirits, for wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Glory to God for leading us into all truth. In Jesus’s Name.

  8. Christ called follow Me, hear My voice. Too many of us are misled and deceived by voices who truly believe they are pouring out clean, pure water to their thirsty followers. Lord let us know the truth [expose deception] and allow your Word of Truth to set us free and return into your fold.
    Thank you Mena for your obedience.

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