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Nothing is Impossible — 3 Comments

  1. Amen! His Word is His wiLL and the will of the Lord is found in His Word. In Spirit and Truth.  Thank you and God bless you man of God.

  2. Dear Mr. Dewey, The Holy Spirit just gave me a psalm earlier this morning about this very subject. I was walking through my house when the first two lines of came to me quite suddenly. I had to put everything down and let the Holy Spirit do His work. Shortly after the psalm was finished. It was amazing to read your post a few hours after and receive such a wonderful confirmation.. God bless you, dear brother!

  3. Such a needed word, sir. Amen and Amen!
    Just one quote here. “If you cannot prove My Voice is actually Me with My written Word — then you are not listening to Me; for I will never tell a lie or lead you out of The Light.” If so many of us would grasp this that the Written Word must agree with whatever any of us speak!! God bless you, Joyce

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