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Discerning of Spirits is Not the Same as Simple Discernment — 8 Comments

  1. Stephen,

    EXCELLENT teaching!  Filled with wisdom, great examples, & I’m sure helps many with understanding.  Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Thank you, Stephen, for this teaching!  It is so clear and easy to understand.  How can you tell whether you’re using insight and “reading” a person or whether it is the gift of discerning of spirits?  I have a particular situation I’m walking through right now and I have had what I would call “uneasy checks” in my spirit and a lack of peace about someone who I’ve only known for over a month but they don’t go away.  Have been in the secret place with God trying to listen for what He tells me.

  3. So good. I actually heard the Lord say to me a while back. “do not operate in a spirit of suspicion”. I knew there was a fine line between using the gift of Holy Spirit discernment, versus being suspicious of everyone. I have watched many leaders and righteous people who are being attacked by the enemy through a few, assume that it is going to be through many. It is absolutely driven by fear.

  4. This was a good breakdown of gift of discernment. “Suspicion” might be characterized as an underdeveloped gift discernment. Seeing ourselves as “spirt” beings first Gen. 1:28 having a soul that lives in a physical body, Gen.2:7 it may offer a greater dimension of spirit reality. The spiritual ‘entities’ you talk about, carry patterns of behavior traits. As Believers, we are constantly training to yield to the “entity” of Holy Spirit. The Spirit of Truth. Amen. God bless you sir.

    • Yes indeed,mwilliams, suspicion is not discernment, nor certainly the gift of discerning of spirits.Thank you.

      • Absolutely agree! So much can get lost in the intent of a comment, w/out conversation or dialogue and of ‘course discernment – so thank you.

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