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  1. God bless you dear sister Gabrielle Fuehrer! This is part 2 of me somewhat pouring out my heart. I’m interested and reading more of your poems and songs, given to you by the Lord Jesus Christ, those He has gifted you with. There are many souls who need to know what true love feels and looks like. More souls are condemned, even when God gives a divine Word of Judgment, most of the time, the prophet in which he is using will glory in giving the ending judgment, opposed to in true love – say, I will pray for all souls who are outside God’s Divine Will, for those who are in sin, praying with the love that they turn to Jesus Christ, drawn by God The Father, praying for hearts to be penetrated by the Holy Spirit.

    It is love that is missing with many souls, but I don’t hear too many speaking on this, but more so giving a dooming word, but never following with fervent prayer, to say I will truly pray for that beloved brother or sister in Christ or those who are currently and spiritually lost.

    Jesus Christ warned, rebuked, but have always show genuine love to all souls, which reached to the hardest of hearts of flint. Thank you, for sharing this beautiful poem and song. I don’t get caught up with the numbers of likes or views to a post, but I have to be drawn by the Holy Spirit. God bless you and I extend true love to you beloved sister in Jesus Christ.❤️

    • Dear Norman,
      Thank you for you heartfelt message. I sent up a prayer for you that you would know completely the Love of our Almighty God and Precious LORD and Savior Christ Jesus and by His Love, it will flow in and through you in abundance. And also for those who do not know LORD Jesus as their LORD and Savior—-that they come to experience Him in such a way that their hearts are completely turned to Him.
      God bless you Norman! You have such a gentle and caring soul! ❤️

      • Praise God! Amen! God bless your dear heart, Gabrielle! I sincerely and truly appreciate your Spirit filled prayer, containing ingredients from the Holy Spirit, I feel God moving in a mighty, yet special way. Gabrielle, this is priceless and means so much to me, as I’ve been yearning to experience God’s Love in such a powerful, impacting and unique way.

        I will definitely keep you updated to the manifested fruit bearing, stemmed from the True Vine, caused by your beautiful prayer. I thank God for leading you to pray and I do embrace, trusting God for an overflow of his divine love.

        I pray that Lord Jesus Christ continues to use you in a spectacular way for his Kingdom, for all souls, for the breaking of chains, bondages, the very release of his love from within the heart, spirit and depths of the soul. I pray your continual strength in the Lord Jesus Christ, bidding you peace, love and priceless blessings of God.❤️

  2. Praise God, our heavenly Father in Jesus Christ our Divine Lord and Savior, the precious Lamb of God! God bless you, dear sister Gabrielle Fuehrer! This is a very beautiful poem and song from the Lord, the words are so soothing to the spirit, heart and soul, bringing a special divine calmness to the mind. I’ve never read or asked the Lord Jesus to direct or to sincerely lead me by the Holy Spirit, to follow those on His Kingdom Prophecy, in which he desires me to follow according to His Divine Will, until recent.

    I’ve come across your page and post, truly reading, experiencing a love through words, who h I’ve needed since birth, having not truly experienced love, the true love of God in Jesus Christ, even while being raised in a home with 2 Christian raised parents, who did their best, but that authentic love has been missing or just needs to be activated in the Holy Spirit, where I can hug a person without feeling uncomfortable, it only happen once in my life, when I hugged my dad, when he broke down, after my dear mother’s death.

    Part 1 of 2

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