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Today is My Birthday! — 3 Comments

  1. Yes Amen.
    We each have a specific Destiny that He has placed in our being!
    Yes Amen.
    The road to that Dream/ Destiny may be long and hard fought! However, we cannot give up or give in!
    Yes Amen.
    No matter the climb, no matter the hills, no matter the valleys we must keep going. God’s Plans are too important for us to give up!

  2. Praise God! Amen and Amen! God bless you, dear sister Stacey Talbott! I would like to first, sincerely and genuinely wish you a very Happy Birthday! I pray that you’ve enjoyed and that there has been fulfillment on this day of celebration. I embrace the words expressed in this post, genuinely from the heart.

    Thank you, for sharing as I’ve truly been encouraged by this post, Stacey Talbott! I like the fact that it fits how my heart was truly disappointed today, due to things not coming into fruition or coming to pass through manifestation this year, but I can definitely relate to your words expressed.

    I’m learning love, as God is bringing me to my personal dreams, I’m learning how to receive love or to even love in general, it’s a beautiful thing, as for years I’ve never experienced true love of Jesus Christ or any type of real love, how to love individuals as God has designed it.

    Please be encouraged in all things, as I’m encouraged by your post. Peace, love and blessings I bid, extending to you! Have a blessed, safe and Happy New Year, praying your dreams will come forth through manifestation in 2024 – as I feel that God will surprise many of his sons and daughters with forgotten dreams and those dreams that lay heavy on hearts. Keep your head up soldier!❤️

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