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Oh Yes, Help is on The Way! — 3 Comments

  1. Though I wanted stop commenting, the 2nd sentence confirmed what I noticed today: I had a free day (tomorrow, Sunday, I will be working) and I spent some minutes on my balcony, LOOKING UP. It looked like myriads of angels in the blue sky for a while. So beautiful, soft, all in different rows and heights, formed like finest big feathers, I KNEW instantly, these are visible angel armies ! I was reminded to the Holy Scripture, that His angels are ready on the 4 corners of the earth, waiting for His command to gather His elect, those who are sealed. I don’t say or think these are only 144.000. I BELIEVE that The LORD has given one more sign and confirmation. I do not say, this was the last sign. We are truly not alone. And sister, I like your big NEVER MEANS NEVER :) It comforted me as well, because yesterday I had another oppressive conversation in the office, because I played 5 Christian songs on phone during my job. I got reproaches from the boss (who is a Catholic and a known and self-righteous, self-centered gay) and I got a bad remark into my personal document, that I had not been “religious neutral” at work. These are the days where they say BAD to GOOD things and GOOD to BAD things. These are evil days. The LORD foretold these days. COME, LORD JESUS, COME !

  2. I needed this Word today!!!!!!! I have been seeking the Lord for deliverance from fear and a witchcraft spirit has been fighting me and my ministry/church. I am so glad that God is with me in this.

  3. Thank you for this on time word of encouragement, this season of heartbreak is taking time to get on solid ground. God truly is using you to bless me in this season of fiery furnace experience. Praise God for answers to prayer and on time words coming to pass.

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