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  1. Thank you so much Doug MacCallum for that timely exposition that so well brought more clarity to the world on knowledge. Please forgive me for the delay in responding. I somehow missed seeing your comment until I went back to re-read the word for ME. Many blessings to you as you press on to finish well!!

  2. Amen!! Thank you Sandi. Your/God’s words have also brought the following to mind, if I may.
    In 1Pt 1:12, the Greek word for “knowledge” is a compound word. It is G1922 Epignosis. Epi can mean Full and/or Accurate. Gnosis G1097 is the well used Greek word for Knowledge. G 1922 Epignosis is also used in 19 other verses, such as, 1Pt 1:3,8; Eph 1:17;Eph 4:13. Paul, in speaking to Timothy in 1st and 2nd Timothy, speaks of the epignosis of The Truth. Eph 4:12-13 speaks of the offices Jesus has implemented in His Body to bring it to The Unity of The Faith and the Epignosis of The Son of God, into a Mature Man, into The Measure(or full measure) of The Stature of The Fulness of Christ.”
    That Epignosis of Christ only comes through “Intimacy” with Christ, through The Spirit and In His Word. 2Pt 2:20 uses Epignosis in a warning concerning false prophets and teachers. These once were in that place of full and accurate knowledge, but fell away into lies and deception. What an absolutely scary scenario!! I believe these fallen ones did not maintain their intimate relationship with Jesus and lost or never had “The Love/Agape of The Truth”, 2Thess 2:10. This passage is also a warning about those that will be deceived by the A.C. MAY THE LORD’s PLAN/WILL BE DONE AND THE BRIDE’s AGAPE FOR HER BETROTHED STAY ALIVE AND HOT!!

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