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  1. God looks at the heart not the outer that everyone else sees. Rise up Shieldmaidens of the Lord, Daughters of the Living God. The world needs you. Darkness threatens your loved ones. Your hearts make you strong.

    A Poem for the courageous ones.

    Her Strong

    blue hair kneels
    boney knees on an old pillow
    before the throne

    her heart pleads

    he knows her
    he waves his hand
    and all Heaven goes silent

    he leans down

    grandson in trouble Father
    hands raised
    crying out
    pouring out

    exhausted she rolls onto the carpet
    drawn up she sobs

    he leans back into the throne
    looks out
    then his thunder voice booms
    and all heaven is at attention

    a faint knock at her door
    youthful is sheepish
    quick confession

    mistake grandma
    he stammers

    too frail hands
    move him in

    seated at the old wooden table
    comfortable well worn chairs
    milk and fluffy biscuits

    so close too close to harm
    is sleeping on the couch

    and Her strong
    watches over
    and gives thanks

    joy tears rain

    eternal smiles
    and wonders
    when will the foolish understand
    Her Strong

  2. Thank you for sharing sister Deborah, this prophecy has answered this question for me too. God bless you and shalom…

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