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  1. Right on. Isaiah 58 is for the church today. It starts outs, ““Cry aloud, do not hold back! Raise your voice like a ram’s horn. Declare to My people their transgression and to the house of Jacob their sins.” This is what you are doing. Do not hold back!

  2. Amen, Amen, Amen, thank you. Let us listen to what our Lord has to say and only what He has to say, He as Father Son and Holy Spirit. We need our Helper without His presence in us we are easy prey.

  3. What an on time post! Many people feel the same way you do. The church is in a very weaken state and many have stopped going to services because of it’s sinful state. When you walk in some churches, you can feel the void of the holy spirit, and feel/see the flesh operating. There are no messages of repentance being preached, but God is about to force a change!!!!

  4. Yes I too remember those days when the spirit was allowed to move…when all the gifts were moving and being used…but I believe here very quickly and soon we are going to experience a move and a prescence of God we have never encountered before…there will be no question is it God or not…He will make it so plain…his prescence will be so evident the whole world will know it is him….I have had dreams and visions of this and it is upon us… it will be part of the Great Harvest that is at our doorstep rt now….let it be Lord Jesus let it be

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