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Our Light at the End of the Tunnel — 3 Comments

  1. Father, call your angels to bring me to your presence. Touch my head with your cepter of love and mercy, and stand your hand to me. I want to be near you, beside of you, even inside of you, but i can’t reach your presence without your help.

    Please, let me rest my head on your heart; let me feel the warm of your love and care; let me listen every heart beat, and learn
    the only true wisdom (that come from your spirit); i’m thirsty of you (and with a hungry that only you can satisfy). Fill me, and teach, and even make the things new, so my spirit will be a fountain of your live water, sweet water, to every person that is thirsty and not known a life fountain (the taste of your true love); a fountain that not only renew, but make all things new in Christ.

    The old will die, and the new life, in Christ, will arise. The victory of the life over the death; over and over, ever time, again and again. We are winners in Christ, and His victory will be seen on us.

    Love you. Need you.
    I trust on you.

    Thank you.

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