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  1. Hello Priscilla. My wife and I live in Montana. I came across your site just a few days ago, and can relate to all you’re saying.
    Actually I’m intrigued by your deep spiritual and prophetic insights.  We truly are on the same page.
    I have to think that there are certain things the Lord has revealed to you that you sense should wait for the proper time to share with others.
    For several years I’ve known of something that the Lord has revealed to me prophetically. 
    It is related to Hab. 1:5, where He says He will do a thing in our days which we would not believe if we were told.
    Now, I’m not a prophet or even a seer. My role and gifting is that of a teacher and a warrior intercessor.
    However, I know that I know what God has shown me, not only the “what”, but, and this scares me, the “when” He has indicated He will bring this revelation to pass. To the day!
    It is to occur in the coming year. In the middle part of the year, and there is no getting around this for me.
    I do have to admit it brings me tremendous encouragement and strength for the trials and testing I face daily.  But I won’t go into that.
    What I’ve felt lead to share is that God will bring a great visitation to the earth which will release powerful anointings like we’ve never seen or even imagined.
    This is NOT the rapture of the church, by the way.  Nobody knows the day or the hour of that except the Father.
    This is something different.
    As I said, there is much more to say concerning this event. I keep asking the Lord why He has revealed this to me, as I only know of one seer who has spoken of it.
    Has God shown you this also? And are you free to speak of it?

  2. I have been startled because *TC Peter (Peta) has been renamed Tropical Low 8 and the number 8 represents new beginnings or new life. The number 8 is composed of 2 circles or double Revolutions. **The path of Tropical Low 16U formed a figure ‘8’ on a huge scale. 

    “You will even be startled at what I do, so hold fast to the hem of My Garments beloveds! Many surprises are coming in the winds, rains, and shakings.”
    The Cairns region has experienced 3 cyclones so far this season:
    According to Mary Dorian, there was going to be a sign of ‘Revolution.’ The path of Niran formed a circle – a Revolution. Then it struck New Caledonia, but there will be new life.

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