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  1. Praise God! God bless you, Minister Reinke! I thank God for your platform and gift of prophecy in ministry, in which the Lord Jesus have blessed, gracing you with. I enjoy the beautiful fellowship with my other true believers in Christ, who are a part of the Body of Jesus Christ. This is how the family of Christ should be, showing true love amongst each other, encouraging, inspiring and helping one another to excell higher in the Lord, inspired to seek the Face of God more, desiring more of him.

    God bless you, Minister Reinke and fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus! I love you all, praying for everyone to endure until the end in Christ, finishing the race set before us, to be found in the Lamb’s Book of Life, living in the true Love of Christ, forever being with him.
    Peace and Blessings! Maranatha!❤️️

  2. Dear sister…yes I have in the past gone through these whitchcrat satanic attacks…first of all I cancel the assignment verbally in Jesus name and invite the Holy Spirit into the situation…then put my attention on Jesus put myself under his blood which I already am but I want the devil to know it…then the Lord taught me to PRAISE him till my spirit is free….and I will have a peaceful walk and peaceful spirit.
    In other words satan can’t reach me since I am now in a heavenly realm
    In the presence of my heavenly father he is now defeating the enemy…
    I TRY TO KEEP MYSELF IN THIS REALM ESPECIALLY IN THESE DIFFICULT TIMES…WHENEVER I feel attacked The realm of PRAISE puts me in the heavenly realm and I Am set free…..Jesus won this freedom for us…take it it is yours

  3. Praise the Lord! God bless you, Sister Yvonne! I sincerely and truly understand what have been experienced, yet experiencing with attacks of witchcraft. I am a brother in Jesus Christ, Saved, Sanctified by Jesus, filled with the Holy Spirit and for over 11 years, I’ve been attacked viciously, taunted, tormented verbally and other forms of attacks by demonic witchcraft, in different ways. I am yet experiencing attacks, but as a believer in Jesus Christ who is filled with the Holy Spirit, you have the the divine Power and Anointing of Jesus Christ in which he was Resurrected in, we as believers in him, have that same power.

    We must equip ourselves with the armor of God, reading, studying, meditating, applying God’s Word to our everyday life’s circumstances, struggles and oppositions, staying in prayer, fasting, praise and worship. The enemy cannot steal your faith in God, but he will try to strategically tear you down slowly, trying to disassemble your spiritual armor in Jesus Christ, trying to cause you to lose faith in him.

    Please stay encouraged Yvonne. I as I mentioned I still go through attacks, but I yet lay before the Lord God, crying unto him, refilled with the Holy fire of the Holy Spirit to remain strengthened in the Lord.The enemy uses these attacks in a attempt to create fear, unbelief, doubt, anger, frustration, trying to steal your faith. The devil comes to kill, steal, destroy and theses attacks are his ways of trying to come against you, myself and many others who have dealt with intense levels of these type of demonic attacks.

    God bless you, Yvonne!️I will leave a few passages of biblical scriptures below that I read and use against the attacks.There are many more scripture passages, for the Word of God is our spiritual weapon. Do not loose hope, stand your ground, staying anchored, rooted in Jesus Christ.

    Psalms 91:
    Ephesians 6: 10-18
    James 4:7

  4. Thank you all so very much for your reactions.
    The part off the attacks that are frightening to me is the technology with which they are capable of doing things in and with your body. If you’re not a Christian you don’t stand a change.
    I know that in my life God is allowing it for His purpose, even though I doubt it a lot and need a lot of conformation from the Lord.
    It also makes me angry at the people using witchcraft against any person they don’t like or who they can’t control. They just make you sick or destroy you for their pleasure.
    I hope with every part of my being that when this training of the remnant is finally over, we will be the devil’s worst nightmare.
    I despise everything of him and his minions.

  5. I have a question to the readers. Are there more people experiencing extreme witchcraft coming against them? Including high satanic technology being used against them?
    And extreme gangstalking by most witches and warlocks?
    They used everything possible against me and it becomes heavier and heavier. My life is not liveable anymore. I am under 24/7 torment and my body can’t handle it anymore.
    Please let me know. I need to know that I am not the only one.

    • Your not alone in this battle. It comes against me heavily as well.
      We MUST stand on Gods word his promises! He will never leave you nor forsake you child of God! He has your back and loves you. All these curse words coming against you I break in the mighty name of Jesus. YOU are child of the most high – His daughter when you can’t stand STAND!!!!!! FACE YOUR goliath. Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord for He comes swiftly with retribution. He is a high tower to run to He is your shelter from the storm. Lean on Jesus your high tower! I pray the Lord bless you and keep you my sister in Christ

    • Yvonne, wherever you’ve been assaulted by the enemy, be it through family, or the world, or the evil one, the Lord will vindicate you. And if you pray for the people held captive by Satan to do his will in your life you will go further still. What your experiencing is real, but temporary. As I’ve gone through all that your saying, as hard as it’s been, I’ve dug my roots deeper into the Tree of Life. I fasted, I prayed, I read and read and read the Word. I remained in obedience to ALL the Spirit was directing me to do. I let myself be sifted by it, He has promised to deliver me out of this clutch, and He Who Promised is Faithful. And when He does, through the Power of my Testimony, captives will be set free…HALLELUJAH!!!!!
      I pray for the living Word of God to be released into all held captive by witchcraft. That the Spirit would call them forth from darkness to Light, Spirit to Spirit, and take what Satan has meant to destroy us and work it by His Sovereign Power as our Creator, the Author and Finisher, into the ALL Things He’s working together for good.

    • Yvonne, Truly, you are not the only one. A friend in New York is going through the same
      The sad part is that she doesn’t see it. Praise GOD that you can see it and understand! I pray in Jesus’s name that you will withstand these ATTACKS and be made stronger in CHRIST JESUS!
      THE LORD IS YOUR DELIVERER, HIGH TOWER, DEFENDER AND LOVER OF YOUR SOUL. HE has something beautiful in store for you. Give yourself wholly unto the FATHER and rest in HIM and HE will give you strength and peace.
      Praying for you,

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