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  1. Thank you all so much for your answers and encouragement.
    It helps me a lot. Just knowing that I am not the only one.
    When I know that it’s allowed by the Lord and in His Hands, it’s easier to endure.
    Because I know it will end one day and that it is to train me.
    I love you all so much brothers and sisters. Knowing that you all are going to though times yourself. I can’t wait to see you all one day.
    Let’s hold on a little longer. It’s for the Kingdom we suffer.

    • EXACTLY!! Yvonne.
      I hear You.
      Training for Ruling and Reigning
      But oh at times the depth of it
      is beyond endurance.
      Sooo NonStop.
      Lord strengthen and encourage You
      as You War On for HIS Kingdom
      in HIS Kingdom for HIS Glory!
      Our Privilege to be Called
      By Jehoveh Tsaba and
      To Follow Our Lord and Chief; Jesus Christ
      KING of kings
      LORD of lords
      Blessings ,

  2. Shalom Aleichem!!!
    What you share with us is so very strong encouragement, right from the horses’ mouth, it always gets me back on my feet. Yes there are lot of evil out there that like us to give up and die! I pray in the Spirit that you will have His awesome power to destroy the enemy.  Your place is covered in His Blood.  WHEW!!!

  3. I posted this question by the topic of June Sheltrown Reinke.
    I place it here also because I think it fits the topic.

    I have a question to the readers. Are there more people experiencing extreme witchcraft coming against them? Including high satanic technology being used against them?
    And extreme gangstalking by most witches and warlocks?
    They used everything possible against me and it becomes heavier and heavier. My life is not liveable anymore. I am under 24/7 torment and my body can’t handle it anymore.
    Please let me know. I need to know that I am not the only one.

    I ask the Lord 100 times a day if it is according to His will. And He tells me the same 100 times that it is. He wants me to know the things and technics the enemy is capable of. But because of the extreme heaviness I start doubting.
    On my lowest points He leads me to video’s of the Shaolin Monks, who endure extreme hardship and training to reach their goal.
    And even though they are buddhist, the Lord tells me it’s not to start their training, but to understand it and what it takes.
    I’ll quote a few things.

    You can’t be afraid of hardship if you want to practice it.

    You can’t let up if you want to succeed.

    Perseverance is the key to successful practice.

    Do you know why the Shaolin Masters are so strong and invincible?
    What difficulties and adversities did they have to overcome in order to become real masters.

    To develop strength, agility and endurance is only achievable through trenuous daily training and numerous limitations.

    • Thank you DEAREST for your openness. Yes, the satanic torments increase as you wait upon the Lord for your Breakthrough. The more the breakthrough, the more the attacks. But God is always around us His children when Satan & his agents deploy all their evil devices against us. Satan knows you are raining havoc on his camp. He fears you! He is using the torments to distract you. But dont give in to his tactics & lies! I am also going through the same thing since I started believing more in God & praying fervently. I also cried to my God but HE asked me to look up to Him & WAIT upon Him as well. Please DEAREST, hold on to God & never ever GIVE UP cause Satan is tormenting you so you curse your God. Jesus suffered more than this & overcame. So you will overcome as well.Be strong DEAREST! God uphold you!

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