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Our Worship is a War Song — 5 Comments

  1. Just freaks me out that how many people and how many Prophetic folks have said 2 Chronicles 7:14, etc. And i don’t get it why the whole Nation has REALLY REPENTED and stopped abortion ALREADY…

    Praying against it for a WHILE…

    Have a Blessed Day…

  2. remember we must be God pleasers rather than man pleasers….even to the point of death with a humble spirit not a rebelious one……we must be willing to be persecuted knowing God and his angels are there with us to strengthen us as we worship and praise obeying God rather than man…..he willshut the mouths of the lions amen…good word Jo Ellen….keep up the work

  3. Thank you for sharing this. Many places of “worship”, so called, continually GRIEVE The Holy Spirit, by QUENCHING It’s Fire! Time, Fear, and Control, also work to minimize God’s Work during a collective worship service. I believe that these “standard” church practices are coming to an end. The mass, open air gatherings will be seen again, just as during the Great Awakening, and of course, during Jesus’ Ministry. I see The Spirit Blowing across seas of people, like the wind, when it blows across a ripening wheat field, Preparing it for Harvest!

  4. I was taking a walk at lunchtime around my workplace to get some air a few years ago.  I was walking past a house and heard a loud woman talking on her cellphone in the front yard as I was passing. She was saying, “I love Wicca.  I love everything about Wicca.” then a pause as the other person was saying something like, “why do you hate Christians so much”. To which she replied, “Because they worship God”. 
    That really struck me.  Not that she followed Wicca or witchcraft but that she actually knew there was a supreme God and she hated Christians because they worshiped Him.  It was so powerful to me that the enemy really hates our worship of Yahweh.

    • Hi Mark, what a perfect timing by God that you heard that converstation!
      I will also say that our worship of the Lord is first and foremost through our obedience to His commandments no matter circumstances, which is unbearable to the enemy and his forces because, it is a great spiritual power to walk in obedience totally ‘quiet’ which will confuse the enemy.
      Which craft is ‘control and manipulation’ of thoughts and speech and who can control a quiet servant of the Lord?

      We most often feel a pressure (which is from the evil one who want to control our tounge and act on his demands)
      to allways answer or defend our position but we must learn to be quiet and understand the worship/obedience in that as well. Obs that that the quitness never shall be in a ‘rebellious spirit’ against our accuser because then we operate in another spirit, it shall allways be because of our humility before the Lord and in His leading.

      Why I comment this is because this knowledge will be nessecary to walk in the coming days, and ‘singing’ maybe not be possible so to speak,

      “And Pilate asked him again (trying to control his tounge), saying, answerest thou nothing?
      but Jesus yet answered nothing (refused to be controlled), so that Pilate marvelled Mark 15:4-5

      Greetings and blessings!

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