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The Day of Expectancy — 1 Comment

  1. Thank you.  A very timely word and confirmation to me. It reminds me of a word I had 3 years back of what was coming:
    The richest ones in Hollywood are showing their true selves now – the greed, the hate, the wickedness and now people’s eyes are being opened just how black a man’s heart can get though he is adored by the world and envied by many.  I am doing a work in the world and allowing man’s wickedness to be exposed for what it is.  The enemy will no longer be able to hide behind deception. People’s eyes will be opened and they will then either choose wickedness or repentance with eyes wide open.  Keep your eyes on me and you will never go wrong.
    Desperation will grip the world and I am preparing shining ones who will take my light to the nations, to the cities, to their streets and proclaim that “Jesus is the Light of the World” and they will show it with signs and wonders. Let your vessel be emptied that I might fill it.

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