Pentecost — 3 Comments

  1. Dear Chris,

    this sounds very intoxicating!!!!

    I am 76 now and have been waiting, praying for more of Him, since my 20 ties, but never saw it happen until now, waiting year by year, – my husband too!! So it is really true that „We have waited long enough.“…….

    Oh, how hard to swallow it has been that after so many profound prophetic words we receive, year by year going by, often proclaimed as the year of Breakthrough.
    But attacks of all sorts, even death and coming back – came even more frequently after all the fiery tests we have endured since we were a young couple with a growing family…..We live in Germany.
    The hardes thing was to read all the many testimonies from prophets or christians who have already experienced the Fire, mostly haveing had a profound encounter with the Lord!
    I am glad that now the issue of Deliverance has come to the forefront, neglegted since a long time.
    This night, wHen I woke up, I saw 3.33 on my watch and proclaimed Jer. 33.3!

    My expectancy has always been great!! Last year Pentecost we did expect it too, but it did not come though prophesied about….
    No more delay, it is time NOW.

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