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Pioneers Arising Now with Militant Mindsets — 2 Comments

  1. Sandi,
    LOVE this Word. So on target!

    “I challenge you to remember if He possesses all that you have, then you will possess all that He has. I charge you to let that truth sink deep into your very soul.”

    Confirming & something we all need to continue to seek the LORD about, so we continue to get rid of our own demons & embrace more of HOLY SPIRIT.

    Well done & said! HALLELUJAH !


  2. Yes. Amen.
    Thank you JESUS 。
    I will learning from my failures and aligning myself with the voice of the Lord.
    The failure in November taught me not to let distractions or even let fear intrude on the promises God has given us.
    Yes i Will “Keep the main thing the main thing. Remember this important truth and write it on your heart — “Every action is rooted in the thought that produced it!”

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