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Predictive Programming Movie — a Call for Prayer! — 7 Comments

  1. Wow,wow,wow! This message is talking straight to my heart. I find it so awesome. Line upon line. I need to wear it so I won’t be naked.  Thank you LORD for your child sharing with us this awesome beauty. Amen!

  2. In 2015, the Lord met me in my lukewarm condition and opened my ears to hear the enemy fighting for my soul. “SHE NEEDS TO CHOOSE!!” he would say, and the Lord would simply reply, “She will.” After a couple months of this I screamed, “I CHOOSE JESUS CHRIST!!” After which I was completely stripped and naked before a Holy, Pure, and Righteous God. And the Journey began. I was stripped of everything. I cut off my bleach streaked hair, threw away my makeup, all hell had broke loose in my mind and I never slept, therefore I had to give up my job, company vehicle, title, and money. I was committed and was persuaded continuously to take drugs, but refused. It was an experience I’ll not soon forget, I was in hell on earth. I moved into my ex’s home and am still there sleeping on the pullout sofa. I’ve never been in need of anything while staying in this place of complete obedience to the Call. He’s provided and has been restoring above and beyond. But your right about America. One day it all became too much, and I pulled the vehicle over and screamed for the Lord to make it stop!!! All went still and He said, “This is for the Nation Cheri, We need you to pray.” So I did!! Night and day, praying and fasting from the position of complete humility, stripped of everything. And that is what the Church will soon encounter. She will be stripped naked before a watching world and brought through the Fire by a loving Father.

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